In Our Company

When choosing a carpet restoration company, you want to look for a few things. Restoring your carpet or other parts of your home is a big deal, so you want the right person to do the work. Here is what you can expect from Spotless Carpet Cleaners.


Since 1975 Spotless has been perennially selected as the best carpet cleaner in the East Tennessee area. Our founder had several years of carpet fiber manufacturing experience, which gave us the edge to solve many consumer problems. This background also allowed us to pursue new chemistries and equipment manufactures. Also, our company employs IICRC certified personnel to ensure the highest quality of work.

Carpet Cleaning Price

In this industry, you typically get what you pay for. Price should never be the driving force when choosing a carpet cleaning company. Always read the fine print on advertised specials. At Spotless, we believe square footage pricing is the fairest method of pricing for the customer and for the company. This has worked well for us for over 25 years.

Cleaning Method

We work hard to ensure your carpet is cleaned well and adequately cared for to ensure longevity. Here is our cleaning process.

Dry Soil Removal and Suspension

About 82 percent of dry soil can be removed from carpet fibers with a thorough vacuuming. Once removed, we apply proper pre-treatment to loosen soils from carpet fibers. There are four characteristics of soil suspension, including:

  • application of chemicals
  • use of heat or temperature to speed up chemical reactions
  • agitation of carpet fibers to aid in the distribution of chemicals
  • Ample time to complete chemical reactions

Steam Cleaning

This is the most common method for removing soils from carpet other than the use of a vacuum. The hot water extraction method is required by many fiber and carpet manufacturers. We have used this method since 1975.

Grooming and Drying

Grooming eliminates carpet matting and helps distribute cleaning agents. Carpets should take no longer than 24 hours to dry, depending on temperature and weather conditions. The use of air movers, ceiling fans, and good weather can speed up the drying process. The ideal time for carpet to dry is six to eight hours.

To learn more about what to expect from Spotless, visit us online here! We offer a variety of services, including 24-hour emergency water restoration, cleaning, and so much more.