Pet Accidents

in Kingsport and Johnson City, TN

Total removal of pet accidents from carpet is a difficult—if not impossible—task. We get many requests from homeowners to do so. Our success is limited by many factors, the most obvious being the frequency at which these “accidents” occur. If there is minor contamination of the carpet, our process is great but diminishes with the volume of contamination we are asked to remove. Yes, we can cover up some problems with masking agents, and many of our customers are satisfied with this. However, repeated contamination of carpet, pad, and subfloor requires a more specialized approach to remediation. The following chart will give an indication of the severity of the problem.

Mathematics of Pet “Accident” Problems:

The average dog passes 2-6 oz. of urine at least 4-6 times daily. If we do the math:

  • 4 oz. (average) x 5 times per day = 20 oz. total daily elimination
  • 20 oz. x 365 days per year = 7300 oz. per year
  • 7300 oz. ÷ 128 oz. per gallon = 57 gallons per year

Now, if we reduce the 57 gallons by 80% in order to adjust for water evaporation, possible blotting of the urine, and the occasions the pet went outside, the results are easily 11.5 gallons of super concentrated urine that contains highly active odor-producing bacteria. Without cleaning, the urine and bacteria will be deeply saturated into the carpet back, pad, and even the floor!

Has your carpet been a victim of pet accidents? Contact us today to help fix the problem!

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