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Carpet cleaning was the first area of work for the company. Our founder had several years of carpet fiber manufacturing experience that gave us the necessary edge to solve many technical problems for the consumer. This background allowed us to pursue companies with innovative new chemistries and the ability to work with equipment manufacturers.

We are hot water extraction cleaners (steam) employing truck mounted carpet cleaning plants as well as IICRC certified technicians.

We are able to provide our customers with technical problem solving for difficult spot and stain removal as well as rapid drying, consistent results, and remarkable customer satisfaction.

We have been voted as “The Best Carpet Cleaners in Johnson City” perennially.

Our company operates with the understanding that if the largest carpet manufacturers and largest fiber manufacturers in the world (Dupont, Shaw, Monsanto, etc.) recommend hot water extraction for the use on their products, it’s the method our customers deserve.

Carpet plays a vital, positive role in indoor air quality. It acts as an environmental filter, trapping and holding impurities from the air that we breathe. The EPA and carpet industry findings indicate that with proper ventilation of new carpet, carpet itself does not contribute negatively to indoor air quality, but the buildup of soil in carpet does. Upholstery fabric also harbors soil and contaminants.

For a healthier indoor environment, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) recommends:

  • Vacuum frequently. A vacuum with a high efficiency filtration bag removes soils and bio-contaminants from carpet and upholstery and reduces the release of particles into the air.
  • Periodically have carpet and upholstery professionally cleaned. Thorough cleaning removes soil and pollutants to improve indoor air quality.
  • Control the sources. Entrance mats halt tracked-in soil and contaminants. Tobacco smoke, which is trapped in carpet and upholstery fabric, is also a major source of indoor pollution.
  • Increase fresh air flow. Our ancestors knew what they were doing when they opened windows to air out buildings.
  • Clean for health. Carpet and upholstery fabric hide soil. Don’t just clean for appearance when the accumulation of soil becomes visible.

Spotless Carpet Cleaners & Janitorial Service, Inc. is an IICRC certified firm and has been doing business with your friends and neighbors since 1975. We are also a member of the Mid-South Professional Cleaners Association.

Beginning in 1999 we have perennially been voted “The Best Carpet Cleaner”

In 1990 we received the Washington County Chamber of Commerce’s “Small Business Award.”

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Industry Training and Certifications

Since 1975, our company employs IICRC certified personnel.  Our founder worked in a carpet fiber manufacturing plant and for 15 years as a senior carpet inspector.

Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification.

This is the most common and well-known training school for the cleaning and restoration industry.  Other certifications to look for include Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning Technician, Rug Cleaning Technician, Carpet Repair and Installation Technician, and Water Damage Restoration Technician.  We have technicians that hold all these certifications and many others.

Carpet Cleaning Experience and Reviews

Knowledge comes not only with education, but experience.  Spotless has been in business since 1975.  In 1990 we were the Johnson City, Washington County small business of the year. Ask your friends and neighbors who they have used in the past and their experiences with our company.  In 2010 we received the highest award in the world for our work, The Phoenix Award.

Carpet Cleaning License and Insurance

In many cities, small cleaning companies come and go so rapidly.  Spotless has all necessary license and insurance required to conduct business, including the C-14 pest control certification.  This allows us to legally use anti-microbial.  At Spotless, the company runs background checks on all employees and is a part of the Tennessee Drug Force Workplace.

Carpet Cleaning Price

If a price sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Typically, you get what you pay for, and price should never be the main reason for choosing a carpet cleaning company.  Always read the fine print on advertised specials.  At Spotless, we believe square footage pricing is the fairest method of pricing for the customer and for the company. It’s worked for 25 years for Spotless.

Carpet Cleaning Method

Dry soil removal:  About 82% of dry soil can be removed from carpet fibers with thorough vacuuming.

Soil suspension:  The application of the proper pre-treatment to loosen soils from carpet fibers.  There are four characteristics of soil suspension:  application of chemicals, use of heat or temperature to speed up chemical reactions, agitation of carpet fibers to aid in distribution of chemicals and dwell time to complete chemical reaction.

Soil extraction other than the use of a vacuum for dry soil:  The most common method for removing soils from carpet is the hot water extraction method, also known as steam cleaning.  This method is required by many fiber and carpet manufacturers.  Spotless has used this method since 1975.

Grooming:  Grooming of carpet helps eliminate matting of carpet and distribute cleaning agents.

Drying:  With normal temperature and humidity conditions, carpet should take no longer than 24 hours to dry.  Use of air movers, ceiling fans and, with the right conditions, the outdoor environment (opening windows) can speed the drying process.  The ideal dry time for carpet should be around six to eight hours. At Spotless, we follow these steps, at a minimum, on all cleaning jobs.

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