Tri-Cities Ceramic and Grout Cleaning Service

In Bristol, Kingsport and Johnson City, TN

At Spotless Carpet Cleaners, we can use powerful technology to clean your ceramic tile and have it looking brand new.

The importance of grout cleaning

Little things matter. When it comes to your tile floor, the grout may not look like much, but those thin sandy strips are crucial. That strip of grout between your tiles prevents anything dropped or spilled on the floor from slipping between or underneath your tiles. However, grout is not impervious. Over time, it absorbs liquids, dirt, and dust so it needs to be cleaned—both for appearance, and to sanitize against the accumulation of bacteria and mold.

The professional difference

You can buy any one of an assortment of products to clean the grout yourself, but why not let Spotless Carpet Cleaners do the work for you? Our ceramic and grout cleaning service is thorough, professional, and more affordable than you may think. We not only clean ceramic and grout, we can repair and restore grout until it looks as good as it did when your tile floor was installed.

If you ever have cleaned your tile and grout yourself, you may notice that even scrubbing does not completely remove a stain. This is because a stain has absorbed all the way into the lowest levels of your grout, and then rises back to the surface. At Spotless, we clean any ceramic or grout using a high-alkaline compound loaded with surfactants, solvents, and builders, allowing it to blast through years of built-up grease, oil and stains with ease. That compound is applied using a HydroForce SX-15, which is a state-of-the-art tool used for cleaning hard surfaces.

Interested in learning more about our ceramic and grout cleaning services? Call us at (423) 926-9251  to receive an estimate from one of our professional, certified technicians.

Since 1975, Spotless Carpet Cleaners has served the carpet, cleaning and restoration needs for the areas of Bristol, Kingsport, and Johnson City, Tennessee.

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