Ultrasonic Cleaning

in Bristol, Kingsport and Johnson City, TN


 ultra sonic cleaning
Try Ultrasonic Cleaning for Your Home and Belongings

We have two large Ultrasonic cleaning machines and IICRC certified personnel to operate them. Our personnel have undergone extensive training in the use of this equipment.

Ultrasonic cleaning works when electricity converts to the mechanical energy of sound waves through a transducer that creates the sound wave vibrations. The vibrating sound waves travel through water-forming microscopic bubbles which repeatedly implode upon a given surface. This powerful action removes visible and microscopic smoke and soot particles, getting the object cleaner than alternative methods.

The use of sound waves and specialized chemistry will clean a variety of smoke-damaged items.

With a 48″ x 22″ x 24″ tank and an additional saddle tank, even large items that were routinely considered unsalvageable are now restorable because of this technology. This process is fast, safe, and gentle on all items cleaned.

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