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water restoration

You have just suffered water damage. Now what? Your insurance policy includes words something like, “you must act in a way to prevent further damage” or similar language, in the policy obligations. So, before you call anyone, become an educated consumer. The people you think are looking out for you may actually be looking out for themselves. You have the right to use the company you wish to restore your home, no matter what your insurance company suggests. In Tennessee, it’s the law!

A man cannot serve you and be beholding to an insurance company that will tell him how to do the work.


What should you expect from a professional water restoration company?

  1. There is a standard of care that has been in effect since 2006.

    It is called the IICRC S-S00-3rd edition. This document is the relied upon standard in the industry. It is the guide that we follow on water restoration work in your home or office. Click here to learn about laws regarding the use of antimicrobials during the water restoration process.

  1. Many insurance companies prefer to work with companies that have a master water restorer on staff.

    At Spotless, we are one of only 79 companies worldwide that have two. This level of training is a highly regarded level of competency recognized throughout the industry and extremely difficult to find in East TN.

  1. Are all the technicians performing services in your home IICRC water restoration technicians.

    At Spotless, ALL of our personnel are water restoration technicians with a minimum of IICRC WRT Certification. This level of training and experience sets Spotless aside from the other companies in the industry.

  1. Has the work of the company ever been recognized as excellent?

    In 2010, Spotless received the highest award bestowed on companies in the industry. We were awarded the Restoration Industry Assoc. Phoenix Award, an achievement attained by approximately 40 companies worldwide. To have your work recognized as the most innovative, professionally profound restoration project in the world certainly sets a company apart from the others. Spotless, best in the world for the restoration of the Crantzdorf Castle.

  1. Is the company licensed properly to provide the services you will require?

    On category 2 and category 3 losses antimicrobials should be used. Restoration companies are required by law to have C-14 pest control certification to do so. We have several C-14 certified personnel at Spotless. Is the company the insurance adjuster wants you to use licensed? Your adjuster should be able to provide you with their TN Charter#. 4670 is the charter# for Spotless.

  1. You own your home, and the homeowner’s policy you have on it.

    You have paid insurance premiums to a company that has taken your money for years. You have the RIGHT to expect to be treated fairly. Unfortunately, because this may happen to you only once in a lifetime, you really don’t know what fairly is.At Spotless, we are called in to many situations by homeowners that have been pressured by some insurance adjusters to accept less than adequate compensation to make repairs to their homes. This is a sad situation. If you sign the check and then try to get it repaired with inadequate funds, you are in deep trouble. Call us first; we will help you determine the scope (how much damage) of the loss.We are working for you and we want satisfied customers. We do not want customers that are upset because the adjuster gave them a check, which they signed, cashed and failed to include a crawlspace heavily flooded that needed to be dried out, or a heat pump and duct work full of water just because the adjuster failed to look. But now you accepted the settlement and are stuck with the scope the adjuster has provided. Once we are involved, we will chronologically go through the areas that need to be checked and remediate accordingly.

  1. Our pricing is based on Xactimate, the most widely used estimating software in the industry.

    Many of the largest insurance companies use this program, as does Spotless. It is recognized as fair and generally accepted pricing in the restoration and insurance industries. There are few disputes over price.

  1. So when the standard guidelines are followed, the IICRC S-500 and the pricing is an acceptable format for the insurance company.

    The only thing missing is your phone call to Spotless – (423) 926-9251 .

  1. If your insurance company says they’ll have “their company” to do the work.

    Well, first, it’s not their company. In nearly 40 years of conducting business, I have never once seen a restoration company truck with an insurance company’s name on it such as Farm and State Insurance Company Restoration Service or Bureau of Farms Restoration.If they say it’s their company, or tell you to use these people, ask them if they will guarantee the work with the full support of the insurance company (in writing). They will likely tell you the contractor will guarantee his work, however, at that point, you are at the mercy of the contractor and his company.So finally, ask the insurance company if this truly is their company, will Farm State guarantee their work, their licensing, and their compliance to the IICRC standard with the full backing of the insurance company. Make sure this is not some company they found to do the work less expensively by not following standards of care, with untrained personnel or otherwise. So if this company goes bankrupt or out of business, which many have, will the giant insurance company stand good or will you find out it’s not really ‘their company” the hard way and end up with a severely damaged home?

We have one million dollars’ worth of modern drying equipment to deploy on water restoration projects. Unlike many companies that must rent or borrow equipment, we service, clean and care for our equipment. We know where it has been! We are not bringing equipment that may have been in unsanitary or unsafe environments into your home.

Call Spotless and we will work for you. Our credentials and reputation are extraordinary. Our work has been shown by several restoration trainers nationwide to illustrate to industry attendees how to set up projects.

Click here to learn more about risk management and water damage claims.

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