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Since 1999, Spotless has been selected as the best carpet cleaner in the Bristol, Johnson City, and the East Tennessee area. We are a small family-owned business that loves to support other small businesses in our area. As a result, we serve both commercial and residential locations! Over our 20 plus years of service, we have created the perfect storm of restoration services that will leave your home looking spotless! Here is an outline of the different types of services we provide and how we can help clean your space!

Carpet Cleaning

First and foremost, the top service we provide is carpet cleaning. As stated before, we cater to both residential and commercial locations for these services. Our founder has several years of carpet fiber manufacturing, which gave us the ability to solve technical problems on our own. We utilize hot extraction cleaners, also known as steam, to break up dirt and fibers in the carpet. Our carpet cleaning method includes dry soil removal, soil suspension, soil extraction, grooming, and then drying.

Carpet Spotting

Carpet spotting is a method used to remove carpet stains directly. Some of the most common stains include wine, vomit, candle wax, and mud. If any of these stains occur, they must be treated immediately. We work with some of the toughest stains, so if you can’t get it out on your own, give us a call!

Pet Accidents

This is another standard stain on upholstery or carpet. Accidents happen, and unfortunately, that is just a part of pet ownership. We realize that some of the toughest stains include pet accidents. Our success is limited by many factors, including the frequency in which the accidents happen. Repeated contamination of carpets, pads, and subfloor requires more specialized approaches. We can come to your home to assess the damage and work on removing it.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning works when electricity converts to the mechanical energy sound waves through a transducer that creates sound wave vibrations. It sounds complication, but essentially the vibrating sound travels through the water, forming bubbles that repeatedly implode upon a surface. These vibrations are what help clean out deeply rooted stains. The use of these sound waves clean a variety of smoke-damaged items.

Water Restoration

Water damage happens without warning and can leave your home or business a wreck. We understand the frustration and stress water damage brings, so we are here to help 24/7! In addition, we help customers navigate the insurance process of water damage. Sometimes insurance companies recommend you to see their suggested restoration company, and you end up with an even bigger mess than before. We want to help and ensure you are an educated consumer before you’re taken advantage of.

Ceramic and Grout

Ceramic and grout cleaning is an essential part of keeping these items looking brand new. We utilize powerful technology to deep clean your grout and tile to make it look brand new. Over time, grout begins to absorb water, liquids, dirt, spills, and dust. This can cause bacterial growth along with the deterioration of your grout.

For more information on our restoration and carpet services, visit us at Spotless Cleaners and Restoration. As stated before, we specialize in a variety of services that will leave your home or business looking spotless! If you would like to schedule an appointment or talk with one our of highly trained technicians, visit us online here. You can also reach us at (423) 926-9251 for our 24-hour service!