In Carpet Cleaning, Mold

If you’ve experienced water damage, mold may be lurking inside your carpet. Recognizing moldy carpets is often difficult, which is why you should keep your eye out for the following signs.

Black or Green Splotches

When mold develops in carpet, it often leaves behind green or black splotches. Certain sections of your rug may become discolored as well. While mold often grows on top of carpet, it can also hide underneath it. Accordingly, you may need to lift up a corner to look for dark patches.

Musty, Moldy Odor

A pungent, musty odor is a telltale sign of mold growth. If you have a musty odor that persists even after airing out your room, chances are that it is coming from your carpet.

A Rug that Stays Wet

If your carpet never seems to dry out, you could have a persistent leak that would make it more likely you would develop mold. You’ll first need to address the source of your water damage before checking to see if any mold is lurking inside your carpet.

An Increase in Allergy Symptoms

Mold anywhere in your home can lead to an increase in allergy-like symptoms and breathing difficulties. If you notice more allergy or breathing problems than normal, you should have your carpets inspected for mold. Remember that mold may not always be obvious if you have a dark-colored rug or the spores are growing underneath.

After flood damage, mold can be lurking inside your carpet. This is true even if you thoroughly dried out your rug or tried to clean it yourself. DIY cleaning methods are normally ineffective against mold and mildew, which is why you need professional services such as ours. The good news is that we can often eliminate mold and restore your carpets to their previous condition. To find out more or to clean your moldy carpets, please contact us.