In Mold

Anywhere there is dampness, wetness, or any type of moisture, it’s likely mold may grow. Molds are microscopic and their spores reproduce almost immediately. Mold can also cause health problems depending on the amount of exposure one has. If you’re wondering if your carpet has mold, the first question to ask would be this. Has your carpet ever been wet or moist before? This can range from wet feet to drink spilled, or even water damage. Wet carpet will naturally attract mold spores. Regardless if you clean the stain or wetness, it will likely soak into the carpet pad and wont permanently dry. This results in a breeding ground for spores.

If you can recall a time your carpet has been wet, it’s possible there is mold lurking underneath. Look for these signs to see if your carpet has mold.

Key Signs of Carpet Mold

Musty Smell

A musty or dank smell is a good indication that your carpet has mold. This is one of the first places that mold will live. You may notice the smell while you’ve been indoors for a while, but if you smell something distinct and pungent, it could be possible that mold is present.


If your caret has different shades in certain spots, or other signs of discoloration, mold could be present.


Carpet that feels moist may be a sign that the underneath isn’t full dried. This is a hot spot for mold spores to reproduce. When the moisture is significant enough, it will take bit longer to fully dry. It will also feel wet, even if its not wet outside, like raining for example. This is a common symptom of mold presence, which means you should probably look into it.

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