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According to the National Fire Protection Association, local fire departments responded to 1.4 million fire incidents in 2020 with $2.1b worth of property damage. So, there’s an existential threat that necessitates fire restoration services.

After a fire disaster, a professional comes to assess the damage, remove residue, restore a building’s pristine condition, and manage any chemical fire suppressors.

Here’s a brief of what happens during fire restoration.

What Happens During Fire Restoration?

Step 1: Mapping

The contractor assesses the extent of the damage, maps severely affected areas, and creates a restoration plan. Then, the site is secured using temporary fencing, board-up, roofing, and bracing to maintain structural integrity.

Step 2: Drying and Water Removal

Water is used to put out the fire by either using automatic sprinklers or pressure pipes. However, all the water must be completely dried to prevent potential water damage and mold growth on your carpet.

Step 3: Debris Removal

After water removal, it’s time to extract debris, demolish and get rid of irreparable items that’re badly damaged by fire. That includes parts of the carpet that cannot be savaged.

Step 4: Alleviation of Smoke Damage

In some cases, all you need is soot removal, finishing, and a bit of repainting or patching the carpet to get the home back in shape. However, other severely affected areas require structural cleaning and odor control.

Step 5: Renovation and Restoration

Once the cleaning process is complete, restoration and repair work begins. Then, highly skilled experts will replace the carpet, plus restore other damaged areas such as the roof, plumbing, painting, HVAC, and electrical system.

How to Choose a Fire Restoration Contractor

When choosing a fire restoration contractor, make sure that they have:

  • Licensing and insurance
  • Experience in damage claims with insurance companies
  • A positive reputation in the market for working with water damage and carpet clean-ups
  • Open lines of communication

In Need of Fire Restoration?

A timely fire restoration saves you from experiencing further damage such as extreme water damage. In case of a fire, reach out to Spotless Carpet Cleaners so that you can commence the home reclaiming process before it’s too late. We are experienced, licensed, and certified, making us an ideal service provider for fire restoration. Call us today to get a quote.