In Water Damage

Water damage claims can be one of the most challenging steps to complete after water wreaks havoc on your home. Though you could undergo a lot, some insurance companies may not be willing to work on your water damage claims following the insurance policy.

If you are experiencing this situation, here are some tips to make the process of your water damage claims flawless.

Report the Damage Immediately

If you suspect water damage, report it to your insurance company immediately. That way, your home insurer can begin to work on restoring your property and get everything in order early enough. If you wait for too long, you might miss important deadlines, further complicating matters down the road.

Contact a Professional 

Once you place your claim, your home insurer will send an expert from their company to assess the situation. Many adjusters sent will always try to calculate losses in favor of the insurance company. So, it is better to hire your own water damage claims expert.

Water damage claim experts negotiate on your behalf honestly, without bias. They also help you get the correct estimates and ensure you get the most out of your insurance coverage.

Gather Enough Evidence and Take Photos

Be sure to gather enough evidence of your home’s damage before making any claims. Go room by room, taking photos of all the ruined furniture, carpeting, and walls, even if you don’t think they were affected. The insurance company might dispute your claim if they don’t see adequate proof of serious water damage.

Keep All Damaged Items

Even after drying the area damaged by water, do not discard your damaged possessions. Your insurance adjuster might request them during the damage estimation process. Only throw an item after the insurance company authorizes your claim.

Make Your Water Damage Claims Seamlessly

Water damage claims can be tricky to handle on your own. Similarly, knowing what to do and when to act can be complicated in such an emergency. It may take more than one attempt before your insurance company agrees to pay out your claim. If you have suffered water damage, contact our professionals at Spotless Carpet Cleaners immediately for help.