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Carpet Cleaning Cost

Everyone knows that carpet cleaning costs vary based on the size of your floor. Naturally, it costs far less to clean 400 square feet of carpet in a studio apartment than, say, the 65,000 square feet of an entire small airport.

And while size matters, here at Spotless Carpet Cleaners, we know that every carpet cleaning job is unique. Today, we cover some other factors that might affect your carpet cleaning cost. As always, contact us for a quote if you need to know more.

Issues That Increase Your Carpet Cleaning Cost

Carpet Spotting

We’ve mentioned this elsewhere on our website, too.

  • Different types of stains — blood, wine, and so on — need various treatments.
  • A heavily stained, lightly colored, thick shag carpet will need more professional attention than a low-piled Berber.

Your carpet cleaning costs will increase a lot if the rug is deeply stained.

Pet Stains

Pet accidents are one of the most common types of carpet stains and also one of the most difficult for homeowners and landlords to remove. They’re also the most recognizable by sight and smell. The Humane Society says it’s best to work on pet stains right away. Soak up the urine as best as possible and rinse the area with cool water.

  • The average dog can urinate almost 60 gallons a year!
  • If Fido did a number on your carpets, it might cost more to clean them thoroughly.
  • Cat spray is also usually best handled by professional carpet cleaners.

Now, let’s link about some ways to keep your carpet cleaning costs down.

Ways to Keep Your Carpet Cleaning Cost Low

Maintain your carpets:

  • Vacuum often with a high-quality vacuum.
  • Tackle spills and stains quickly, before they have time to soak down into the pad
  • Use the proper methods to clean a carpet
  • Have your carpets professionally cleaned once or twice a year or as needed.

If you’d like to know precisely what carpet cleaning will cost at your home or commercial real estate, contact us at (423) 926-9251.