In Carpet Cleaning

Fall is approaching very quickly! While fall is excellent for its pleasant weather and pretty foliage, for many people, this means allergies are heightened. Do you find yourself constantly sneezing or itching inside your home? It may not be the leaves causing your allergies, but your carpets! Carpets are a great way to spruce up your home and make it feel cozier, especially as it gets cooler outside. However, they easily trap all of the outside allergens that are causing you to feel sick. From open windows to dirty shoes tracking things in, there is a good chance your carpets are housing some allergy-causing pollutants. This could be from a variety of sources. Mold, dust mites, pollen, animal hair, and dander easily stick to carpets.

Long pile carpets, such as shag rugs, provide significant space for things to stick to in your space. For example, mold loves to grow in long fibers. Short pile carpets may have less room for unwanted materials but still allow for compact dust, pollen, and dirt to pile up. If you are extra prone to allergies this time of year, we recommend short pile carpets for easier maintenance. While they still get dirty, cleanup is more feasible, and the short fibers prevent long-term mold growth. Other than purchasing a specific type of carpet, there are different ways to prevent and avoid build-up. One way to prevent this is to keep shoes off your carpet as much as possible. Doing this will reduce the number of outside materials brought in from the fall weather. Keeping your pets away from long carpets and rugs as much as possible will also reduce the amount of animal dander that could be causing your allergies. Also, ensure you are vacuuming once a week to prevent significant build-up.

We know thorough prevention isn’t enough to halt your allergies entirely. We have a variety of services that can help keep the pollutants under control. Carpet cleaning is what we do best. Our professional cleaners have earned us the title of The Best Carpet Cleaners in Johnson City. Let us help you keep your allergies under control this fall!