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If you’ve recently suffered from water damage, it’s important you know what to do next. Most people assume they need to call the insurance company to begin the claims process. While that is usually true, did you know you could call a water restoration company before insurance? Why would you do that? It’s because you have a choice in who you choose to restore your home.

You Have A Choice!

When you call your insurance company, the first thing they will do is recommend a preferred company for your cleanup. A lot of insurance companies have agreements with certain vendors, which means they will recommend them first to all clients. Your insurance company might promise lower rates or an expedited cleanup process if you hire their preferred vendor. This does not always mean the vendor will restore your home properly or professionally.

You want a restoration company that makes your needs a priority and completes the job well. Unfortunately, there have been plenty of cases where a customer used a preferred vendor and was left with a disaster. These two companies can set time limits with one another before seeing the damage in your home. If your restoration takes longer than the time limit, you want to know they aren’t cutting corners to complete it on time. You want to receive the highest quality of work, regardless of a time limit set in place.

So What Do I Do?

Rather than calling the insurance company first, call Spotless Carpet Cleaners! Water damage is something we see on a regular basis and know how the process goes. We are one of 79 companies worldwide that have two water restorers on staff. This training is highly regarded and recognized throughout the industry. In addition, all of our staff working in your home are IICRC water restoration technicians, meaning, they have the highest level of water restoration training and experience. Our staff will not only restore your house properly and professionally, but we can be a sounding board when dealing with the insurance company. As stated before, we have been doing this for a long time, so we know what insurance will need and be looking for.

Don’t let the insurance company tell you who you have to work with, recognize that you have a choice! To learn more about our water restoration services, please contact Spotless Carpet Cleaners online or at (423) 926-9251 today.