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Unexpected Locations Where Leaks Can Happen

While you may expect leaks under your sinks and around your toilets, there are actually several locations in your home where leaks can sometimes occur. Knowing what to look for can help you to catch these leaks faster and fix them before they become serious issues. Here are 3 unexpected locations where leaks can happen in your home.

Your Refrigerator 

Your refrigerator may be the cause of leaks in your kitchen. The water line that is connected to your fridge’s ice machine and water dispenser can sometimes become clogged. If this happens, the line will become backed up and the water will have to find another place to go. Also, if the defrost drain in your freezer becomes blocked with ice and/or food particles, this can cause the leak to come right out of your freezer.

In Your Walls 

Another location where an unexpected leak can occur in your home is in your walls. There are multiple reasons why you may experience a leak in your walls, so it is important to first pinpoint what the issue is. You may find that one of the pipes in your wall has burst due to build-up and too much pressure. The cause could also be that the pan for your air conditioner has become too full due to a clogged line and is beginning to leak into your drywall. In any case, the quicker that you recognize and fix this issue, the better off you will be.

Your Water Heater 

Your water heater is another unit in your home that may be the culprit when it comes to leaks. As a water heater ages, it begins to rust and corrode on the inside. This corrosion will lead into the pipes of the water heater and cause them to leak or even burst. The best way to avoid this from happening is to have your water heater inspected regularly and listen for sounds of broken fragments and build up within your water heater when it is running.

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