In Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning is vital for the value of our home, our health, and our appreciation for cleanliness. A home is one of our most significant investments, and making sure the carpet is in pristine condition is an important task. The purpose of professional cleaners is to come to your home and do the hard work for you. A carpet cleaning service should guarantee a job well-done, clean carpets, and a happy home.

Seasonal Changes

Like any task around the home, seasonal changes often heavily influence our routine. The changes brought with each season might have you wondering what time of year would be most optimal for carpet cleaning. Typically, people spend a lot more time outdoors in the spring and summer. When someone is home during warmer weather days, windows and doors are often left open. While the fresh air is welcomed, it brings in loads of pollen and dust. Schedules tend to be busiest during these seasons, which might decrease foot traffic in the home. In the fall and winter, our schedules tend to slow down, and we spend a lot more time inside our home. Cold weather and short daylight hours keep the doors and windows closed for those months. During this shut-in time, allergens are stuck inside your home without much circulation.

Benefits of Each Season

There are benefits to carpet cleaning at any point in the year, but each season offers its own benefits for this type of cleaning. Spring and summer cleaning offers the advantage that the home has less foot traffic going on, which keeps cleanup and maintenance for longer easier. On the downside, repeated open windows and doors will introduce more pollen and allergens inside, nestling in your clean carpet. Fall and winter offer the advantage of freshly clean carpets during a time with less dust in the air, providing cleaner home breathing while shut in from the cold. On the downside, wetter weather poses a higher risk of dirtying the carpet up when racing inside to get warm.

When to Have Carpets Cleaned

Although it comes down to preference, a reasonable argument for the “best” time to have carpets cleaned might be mid-late Fall. Warm weather has started transitioning; leaves are not being tracked in, and things are beginning to die down. Cleaning now would mean starting the winter with the freshest and cleanest carpets possible. If you want to have carpets professionally cleaned twice a year, late Fall and mid Spring, could also be ideal.

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