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There are dozens of carpet cleaning methods, but few are as sophisticated or effective as ultra-sonic cleaning. This method is recommended for eliminating the toughest stains, and it offers dozens of benefits. Here is a brief overview of how it works.

How Does It Work? 

Ultra-sonic cleaning uses ultra-sonic energy to blow dirt off surfaces. The ultra-sonic machine produces sonic energy to create a void. This void is then filled with bubbles formed from the liquid (water and carpet cleaning detergents) in a process called cavitation, setting the stage for the cleaning process.

The bubbles’ surfaces are covered by the cleaning solution. These bubbles essentially explode as they move at an incredibly high momentum, brushing against the carpet in the process. The bubbles peel dirt off the carpet’s fabrics as they move. The efficiency of ultra-sonic cleaning makes it effective against a wide range of stains, including pet stains, gum, ink, and beverage spills (including wine and coffee).

Ultra-sonic carpet cleaning sounds intense, but it is surprisingly gentle. The air bubbles are effective in dislodging dirt, but they aren’t rough against the carpet’s fabrics. Consequently, it is recommendable for soft carpets and other delicate upholstery.

Benefits of Ultra-Sonic Cleaning 

Ultra-sonic cleaning has a wide range of benefits. Its most notable benefit is its efficiency, as it works where other carpet cleaning solutions fail. Consequently, this solution is recommended for exceptionally dirty carpets – or whenever you want an exceptionally fresh and clean carpet. It is also thorough and gentle, making it ideal for cleaning heavy-duty as well as delicate carpets.

It is also ideal for people who are allergic to dirt commonly found on carpets. Their efficiency ensures that all foreign particles (including micro-organisms) are eliminated, essentially eliminating the risk of allergic reactions.

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