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Water Damage in Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport TN

A small drip of water may not seem like much but water damage leads to significant financial cost in America every single year. The average insurance claim for this kind of damage is $7,500. Water damage is the culprit behind one of the most significant varieties of remediation and repair expenses, for both homeowners and commercial properties. The cost can multiply if damage caused by water is left undetected, especially if the water is allowed to seep into structural materials such as wood and drywall.

Your local East Tennessee restoration experts at Spotless Carpet Cleaners want you to be educated on the perils of undetected water damage, so here are some of the key signs.

  • Odor: Even if the damage cannot be seen, it probably can be spelled. Mold and mildew, two consequences of sitting water or water damage, have a uniquely pungent smell. This odor tends to hang around, even after cleaning a room with even household cleaners. If you detect a lingering odor of mold and mildew, contact a professional restoration company such as Spotless as soon as possible so that an experienced technician can conduct an on-site evaluation to determine any potential water damage.
  • Discoloration: Has a water stain formed on your wall or ceiling? This can be evidence of a water leakā€”as can a soft patch or swelling. These discolorations are noticed most often near windows and doors, but also can in carpet, cabinets, fabric or any other material or structure adhering to floors or walls where water is present.
  • Deterioration: Water can cause areas that covered with paint and drywall to start to crack, peel, and crumble. Any of these developments can be evidence of potential damage. If you notice any of these issues, contact a water restoration company in Kingsport like those on staff at Spotless Carpet Cleaners as soon as possible. If water is present, it will continue to damage and erode the space until the leak is treated.
  • Loose flooring: Swelling can occur in flooring when there is water present for a significant amount of time. Wood floors are more vulnerable to this swelling, which can weaken the structure of the flooring. You also may hear a sound when walking across it. Failure to repair wet flooring eventually will lead to decomposition and the floor will begin to break apart.
  • Standing water: This is the most typical evidence of extreme water damage, usually because of flooding or a burst pipe. This standing water also can lead to the accumulation of mildew and mold, which can diminish property value and risk your health.

Water Restoration Services in the Tri-Cities

Know the signs of water damage, and how to detect them. If you think you have damage due to water, contact your restoration professionals at Spotless Carper Cleaners. We offer 24-hour emergency service. Give us a call at (423) 926-9251.

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