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The last thing anyone needs, who has water damage to their home or business, is a problem with their insurance company. Recently, there have been comments and reports about State Farm customers not receiving the support they had expected. State Farm is a large and well-respected insurer, and there are many happy customers, but it is good to know what is, is not, or may not be covered by your policy as far as water damage is concerned.

What is Usually Covered?

Basically, most policies cover the customer for sudden and serious damage caused by water. Water can damage walls, floors, furnishings, and other possessions. It is common for people to assume that “damage” means “damage” and so the policy covers it – apart from any deductible of course. Basically most State Farm policies cover you for damage caused by leaks from:

  • A frozen pipe.
  • A failure of a washing machine, dishwasher or similar appliance.
  • A roof leak.
  • A burst fish tank.
  • A damaged or weak water pipe which causes damage more slowly.

What is Not Usually Covered?

This can come as a surprise, but:

  • The roof condition or the failed appliance will not be covered. Roofs leak because they have not been maintained, appliances leak because they get old and fail. These things are not usually covered.
  • Sudden damage caused by severe weather conditions is covered by FEMA National Flood Program policies, not by homeowner policies.
  • Damage caused by a pipe that leaked “over a period of time.” Defining how long a pipe may leak before a policy will not cover the damage is complicated.
  • Contractor costs to dig under the foundation, into a wall, etc., to locate the cause of the leak may not be covered. This article by a public adjuster is a good example.
  • Some things may not be covered just because the loss adjuster says not. This review by a Johnson City homeowner is worth a read.

How Do You Get Around the Problems?

As we said, water damage is one thing, having insurance problems is another, and something to be avoided. We at Spotless have a lot of experience in dealing with insurance claims. We know a lot about what companies say and what their history of claims handling shows. Your first thought, after you suffer water damage, is to call your insurance company.

We would suggest you call us first. We know exactly what to do to minimize your damage and inconvenience, and we know how to speak with loss adjusters and insurance company personnel. So if you have questions, or if you do suffer water damage, please just click here to contact us or call us on (423) 926 9251.