In Water Damage

Homes are most vulnerable to flooding during winter or following heavy rains in spring. Equally, other areas less prone to flooding can encounter the problem due to sewer leaks or plumbing defects.

That said, you’ll need an urgent water clean-up to mitigate future issues like mold or mildew building on your carpet or other items in the house and subsequent health issues.

Here’s how to deal with the problem.

Conduct Preliminary Water Clean up

First, establish the level of flooding; what is the volume of water that requires clean up? If it’s half an inch thick, a mop and a bucket will suffice. On the contrary, deep flooding can require other heavy-duty tools like pool pumps or vacuum cleaners.

Once you get rid of the excess water, remove the furniture, carpet, and other affected items to dry. It’s advisable to leave them out in the sun for at least 48 hours to curb the growth of mold and mildew.

Disinfect Affected Areas

You need to disinfect every surface, including walls, carpets, and fixed fixtures affected by water.

Mix water in a 1-gallon container with bleach or detergent. Transfer the solution to a spray container and scrub the carpet, furniture, and walls. The disinfecting solution will kill bacteria and prevent the growth of mold. Once all the items are clean and dry, you can return them to the house.

How to Prevent Future Water Leaks

Besides heavy flooding related to weather, you can mitigate water damage associated with home defects by:

  • Fixing foundation leaks: Work with a contractor to fix foundation leaks originating from poor frontage drainage, excess rain, or leaking sewer.
  • Addressing any plumbing leaks: These can include leaking waste lines, dysfunctional downspouts, water tanks, or laundry supply pipes.

Let Us Sort Your Water Clean Up Needs

Excess water in your house implies potential mold, water damage, and health problems. Therefore, it’s vital to schedule an urgent clean-up to keep you and your family safe. Spotless Carpet Cleaners has been in business since 1999 and has a 24-hour emergency service.

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