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Most homeowners do not think much about water damage to their home unless they live in a flood zone. However, there are quite a few other ways your home could be damaged by water. Here are areas to watch out for, and where to check should you notice water coming from these areas in your home.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances such as the refrigerator and dishwasher are among the most common causes of water leaks in homes. Modern refrigerators today contain ice makers, which means there is a hose of some sort running to the back of the fridge. Just be aware of this in case you suddenly have water running out from under your fridge. You may be in need of a repair, should you find water leaking from your fridge.

Dishwashers pose two threats; one is the threat of water backing up and overflowing onto the floor. The other is a faulty or loose connection between the hoses. Clean the trap of your dishwasher regularly, and avoid putting dishes in the dishwasher when they have chunks of food on them. This food debris could result in a backup. Also, check hoses to ensure a secure connection.

Under the House

Have you ever looked underneath your house? You probably saw an intricate network of pipes, all feeding water into your house or waste to the sewer. It is inevitable that at some point, one of these pipes may spring a leak. A loose connection can occur from something as simple as wind gusts. Also, corrosive pipes are common among metal pipes. If you live in an older home that has these metal or copper pipes, periodically check the pipes to look for corrosion.


The fixture, drain, or bowl could all be wind up being the source of a water leak in your home. The fixture can drain at the bottom, which would result in water on the counter tops that eventually seep into the floor. A loose drain will result in water pouring out under your sink, which could ruin your cabinets if not caught early. Also, if your sink bowl is cracked, it inevitably will leak and get worse if not fixed.

Washing Machine

If you ever notice water coming out of the base of your washer, it may be in need of repairs. Since fill and drain hoses can be jarred loose, it is a good idea to check them periodically. Also, avoid starting a load of laundry and leaving the house or going to bed. You never know when a leak will start! Better to catch it as soon as it begins rather than hours later.


Toilets are another culprit for water leaks in the home. A crack in the tank or bowl could begin as a small leak that eventually, causes costly repairs. Connections can also become loose. Also, the flange seal can get old and cause water to leak out of the base of the toilet.

Water Restoration in the Tri-Cities

Even with your best efforts, a water leak is sometimes inevitable. Although we hope that you avoid this unfortunate circumstance, should you experience a flood in your home – we want your flood! We offer services 24/7! Call us at (423) 926-9251 to learn more about our services.

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