In Smoke

Have you heard of ultrasonic cleaning? Most people have not. Spotless Carpet Cleaners uses the ultrasonic cleaning process for customers within the Bristol, Kingsport, and Johnson City, TN areas, especially those that have incurred smoke damage to their belongings. This cleaning technique can also be used to remove mold in some cases. Ultrasonic cleaning has been used in various capacities and industries for some time, as it sometimes provides a viable option over replacing certain parts and products.

Ultrasonic cleaning is especially useful for cleaning smoke damaged items. Ultrasonic cleaning happens by converting electricity to sound wave vibrations. The sound waves travel through the water creating microscopic bubbles that pop when they reach the service. This process is called cavitation and it is the biggest difference between this type of cleaning and other techniques. The bubbles created during the process are able to penetrate every nook and cranny of the surface and remove dirt and grime that other techniques would not reach. This action is more powerful than most other cleaning techniques at removing smoke and soot particles, resulting in a cleaner objects. Ultrasonic cleaning can also clean blinds, upholstery, and various other household items. The cleaning process is fast, safe, and gentle for any item it is used on. The process will not scrape, scar, or break the object being cleaned in any way. This cleaning process also provides a deep clean that may not be achieved with other cleaning techniques.

Spotless Carpet Cleaners has two ultrasonic cleaning machines, along with the certified personnel to run them. These machines are large so that even large items that might be deemed unsalvageable by other companies, can be cleaned and restored by Spotless Carpet Cleaners.

If you have encountered smoke or mold damage with your carpet or furniture, contact Spotless Carpet Cleaners today for a quote or to schedule your service.