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Ceramic tile floor is commonplace in many homes, and businesses. Not only does it look nice, but it is easy to clean, and tends not to collect dirt and stains like carpet. Whether your tile flooring is in a high traffic area, or in an area that doesn’t get much use like a laundry room or bathroom, it still requires maintenance and regular cleaning to keep it looking new. Your professional tile and grout cleaners in Johnson City at Spotless Carpet Restorations have some tips to help you keep your tile floors looking new.

When it comes to keeping your tile floor looking new, it’s not the tile itself that is the problem but the grout. Since grout is porous, it collects and absorbs any water or moisture from the floor, and then whatever dirt is left will dry up and cause the grout to stain. If your grout begins to look dingy and discolored, there are a number of tips that can help you freshen it up.

Grout Protection

To keep your grout looking like new, protect it by applying a grout sealer once it has been cleaned to your satisfaction. It is best to apply this sealer once the tile has been installed, but if that is not possible, be sure to give the grout a good clean first to remove any residual stains or buildup.

The purpose of a sealer is to provide a protective top coat over the grout, preventing dirt and stains from penetrating it. The sealer will repel water, and oil, which keeps dirt from settling in and causing stains. DIY sealers usually last about 6-18 months, but a professionally applied sealer may last for years.

Another tip for protecting your grout is to cover it with an area rug. This is especially helpful in high traffic areas such as entryways.

Caring for your Tile and Grout

Always start by vacuuming the floor to remove dirt and debris. You can sweep if desired. Use a damp mop, not one saturated in water, and mild cleaner to wipe over the entire tile surface. Using a saturated mop will result in water pooling along the grout lines, and could soak into the grout or lessen the life of your grout sealer. The goal is to use as little water as necessary to get the job done.

Care for Heavily Soiled Grout

If your grout has been heavily soiled and stained, purchase a grout brush and cleaner from a local hardware store. We recommend purchasing cleaner specially designed to clean tough grout stains, as many DIY remedies that you may find online may damage your flooring or grout. Follow the directions on the bottle of cleanser, and use the brush to work the cleaner into the grout. Repeat as necessary.

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaners in Tri-Cities

Sometimes, cleaning heavily soiled grout is more of a project than you can handle. If you would like to learn more about professional tile and grout cleaning in the Tri-Cities, please contact Spotless Carpet Cleaners by calling (423) 926-9251.

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