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Water Damage in Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport TN

What type of damage do you think is the number one cause of home insurance losses in the United States? The answer… water damage. Recently, water damage claims surpassed fire damage claims. Water damage is becoming more common these days, in part because of unpredictable and extreme weather. The frequency of water damage also has increased home insurance rates. Now for some good news… you can take a few precautions to lower the chance of your home sustains water damage.

Make the grade: In other words, ensure that your lot is properly graded. This will allow water to drain away from your home, rather than toward your basement walls or crawlspace. Measures that help restore or maintain proper grading include repairing sidewalks, patios, decks, and driveways that may have shifted over the years; landscaping your yard with plants and other vegetation to help reduce soil erosion; and investing in window well covers to minimize the accumulation of water. During the winter, make sure to always clear away any significant snow from next to the foundation or basement walls.

Runoff radar: Runoff from rainfall is another major culprit when it comes to water damage. Prevention starts with your downspouts, which should extend three to six feet and drain in a direction that routes the water away from your homeā€”and the homes of your neighbors. Consider using a rain barrel to catch runoff. Also, be sure to clean and maintain your guttering system on a regular basis to prevent blockages. Keep storm drains near your home clear of debris. Lastly, replace or repair any roof shingles that are beginning to deteriorate or have blown off.

Professional help: Hire a professional, licensed plumber to come and inspect your home and drainage systems. At this appointment, the plumber should check the functionality of your foundation drain (also known as weeping tile), and your sump-pit and/or sump pump if you have them. You also may want to ask your plumber about the viability of adding a backwater valve, which prevents water and sewage from leaking back into your house during very heavy rainfall.

Inside the home: You can follow a few more measures to further reduce the likelihood of water damage. Water leak sensors and alarms, for example, can alert you to possible leaks. More advanced models even will cut off your water if there is a problem detected. Other steps are more simple: clear floor drains of obstructions, seal cracks around windows and the basement foundation, and install shelves in your basement to help keep special items off the floor. Never pour fat, oil, or grease down your kitchen drains, as these can solidify and contribute to a clogged pipe.

Water restoration services in Kingsport

We hope that you never have to encounter the stress of recovering from water damage, but if this happens to you, the professionals at Spotless Carpet Cleaners are standing by, ready to help. We offer 24-hour emergency service to treat and restore damage from water, as well as smoke and fire. Call us at (423) 926-9251 with any questions, or to schedule a consultation to see how you can protect your home against potential water damage.

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