In Carpet Cleaning

Having your carpets in pristine condition and looking clean is a wish of everyone with a carpet. The worry, however, is how best to keep the carpet protected despite it being used regularly. Stain guard application is a proven method of keeping your professionally cleaned carpets clean for longer.

Here is a brief elucidation of what you need to know.

How does Stain Guard work?

Stain Guard protection is suitable for every carpet. When applied on a carpet, it forms a protective polymer shield on the carpet’s fibers, which keeps them from absorbing dirt and stains, thus keeping the carpet clean and sparkling for long. The action mode, however, does not compromise the carpet’s breathable properties.

How Does Protection Last?

It can offer protection for up to five years if the carpet is well cared for. Having it applied will still call for fast cleaning of spillage and. Letting dirt and spillage stay for long on the surface of a carpet may compromise the shield.

It does not block staining but rather slows down the absorption of dirt and spillage. When your carpet is treated, you can professionally clean it because the stain guard protection properties are not affected by professional carpet cleaning products.

How Safe is Stain Guard?

It is gentle on the skin, having been dermatologically tested. It has no CFCs and is so environmentally friendly. When you use it, you can have surety of safety for you and even your pets since it’s not toxic.

When you have your carpet cleaned and want to keep it clean, you cannot go wrong with Stain Guard. However, you should also schedule regular cleaning exercises and promptly clean spillage and dirt when they land on your carpets. Get in touch with us today for all queries regarding professional carpet cleaning and schedule a cleaning exercise with us.