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Knowing that your home is safe for you, your pets, and your little ones is always a priority. Keeping your home as clean as possible with a busy household can be tricky. While some products promote the most thorough and spotless cleaning, they may not always be the best solution to a dirty carpet, rug, or floor. Harsh chemicals in cleaning products have the opportunity to be toxic to you and your loved ones. Non-toxic products reduce allergies, skin irritation, asthma, and long-term and short-term health issues. Not only are non-toxic products better for your household, but they tend to be more eco-friendly and kinder to the environment.

They avoid products in stores that seem like they promote eco-friendliness but are causing harm. This practice is commonly known as green-washing and appeals to the demand for environmentalism. Examples of this in stores can be as simple as making the product’s packaging the color green to falsely advertising it as a clean product when it contains harmful ingredients. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends looking for a verified “ecologo” on products that can be trusted.

To avoid green-washing altogether, there are many DIY cleaning options that you can find around your home. Not only does it make it super easy to take care of your carpets and rugs, but these products are guaranteed to be safe for you and the environment. For a non-toxic stain remover, use carbonated water or club soda to lift those tough spots out. Cornstarch is perfect for getting rid of grease stains. For cleaning purposes, baking soda effectively removes odors from carpets and rugs. Hardwood floors and tiles can easily be cleaned using castile soap. This soap is non-toxic as it is vegetable-based! There are many alternatives out there to toxic chemicals being sold in stores. Keep your household safe and use eco-friendly products!