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Noticing discolored spots or rings of mold on your ceiling may be a sign that your roof is leaking. A small leak in your home’s roof can quickly turn into a big problem. If left untreated, your roof could suffer further damage and possibly cave in. Follow this advice to help deal with your leaking roof and avoid roof water damage.

First Steps

If there is water dripping from your ceiling, start off by placing a bucket or towel under the leak. This will prevent the water from spreading and causing further damage. Next, try and determine if you are in fact dealing with a roof leak. It could also be a busted pipe. Check your attic and attempt to find the source of the leak. If you suspect it is a roof leak, go ahead and call a professional roofer. You may also need a restoration expert depending on the extent of the roof water damage. The roofer can fix the leak and tell you the possible causes so that you can prevent it from reoccurring.

Causes and Prevention

Some common reasons for roof leaks include valley damage to the roof, damaged shingles, failure of the flashing sheet, or improperly installed roof features. The valley is the inside angle of the roof. This area is particularly vulnerable to leaks due to the fact that it channels rainwater. Shingles can leak from poor installation or wear from age. Flashing is thin metal sheeting used for vulnerable parts of the roof, like when the roof contacts the home’s walls. As the wood around the flashing shrinks and moves with age, it can leave gaps where water can leak through. Lastly, roof features are items such as chimneys or skylights that can leak due to poor flashing installation. Luckily, prevention against roof leaks is relatively easy. Simply receiving regular maintenance from a professional roofer will help prevent your roof from leaks.

Costs and Insurance

The damage and cost of some roof leaks can be high, and they are not always covered by home insurance. In general, roof leaks caused by fires, explosions, and weather events are covered, while mold and pest infestations caused by roof leaks are not always covered. Check with your insurance provider to see what is covered in your policy. If your home is not covered from roof water damage, it may be beneficial to add roof coverage to your insurance plan.

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