In Carpet Cleaning

There has been a rapid growth in the use of smart home devices. This is as a result of lack of fun in doing household chores by many households. Vacuuming is a chore that is increasingly being done by robotic vacuum cleaners. These robotic vacuum cleaners move around your home and suck all the dust and debris in their path. The appeal of the device is indisputable but they are not for everyone. Therefore, you need to have deeper look at the merits and demerits of the device before you buy one. This is because:

It does not clean stairs

In as much as vacuum cleaners have been in existence for more than 15 years, getting the robots to climb the stairs is still a big challenge. This implies that you will need to get another vacuum cleaner for the stairs and this fundamentally defeats the purpose of owning a robotic vacuum cleaner.

It less powerful

Robotic vacuums have less suction due to their small size and source of power. This implies that you will have to go over the same spot several times with some aspect of forcefulness to ensure your carpet is spotlessly clean.

It requires maintenance

You still need to perform regular maintenance on robotic vacuums for them to keep working properly and for them not to break. The maintenance that involves removal and cleaning of brushes and bearings is a lot of work.

It is very expensive

Robotic vacuums are very expensive and not affordable by most people. This is strange considering that this form of mature technology has existed in the market for over 15 years.

It struggles with clutter

Robotic vacuums only suck up debris and dust and they will not move your stack of books or pick dirty laundry on your floor. In this regard, for them to effectively clean your carpet, you have to ensure it is free from any obstacles. This is a barrier for some people especially the busy ones.

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