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Most home insurance companies will try to steal money after a claim has been put in for water damage and the issue has been covered. When you reach out to Spotless Carpet Cleaners, we will do the job sufficiently and professionally.  These are the restoration secrets insurance companies don’t want you to know.

Will the Job Be Done For You?

The answer is definitely yes! No doubt should creep into your mind that esteemed restoration professionals will help you get the damage cleared from your carpeted floors. Some facts about restoration companies are:

  • they will deny the claim if your sewer backed up
  • you will not get full coverage for a sketchy claim
  • they will not help you through the mess

Due to these issues, a carpet cleaning service is far more reliable.  You can avoid a highly stressful situation when hiring Spotless Carpet Cleaners.

Tips on a Preferred Vendor and Adjuster

The correct restoration company should be chosen when the costs and control of a job do not fall into the hands of another vendor. Your home insurance should cover both inside and outside adjusters, and it is not fun when they drop any responsibility.

The preferred vendor will do considerable damage by:

  • contradicting the better contractor while seeming independent and reasonable
  • building a relationship with a client unethically to move the process along
  • omitting a current issue
  • neglect to check out damaged items

How Can You Trust a Restoration Company?

It is best to seek out the truth of all aspects in their line of work. The main thing to look for is diligence and the other is a proper motive to trust this particular restoration service fully. Several questions to ask are:

  • Will you expose my insurance company if they deny my policy?
  • Do you submit estimates to the carrier?
  • Do you use a company-mandated price list?
  • Will you tell me every coverage that I could have?

If these points are received positively, a certain company is influenced by the carrier and deems your trust level to be doubtful.

Insurance companies neither enforce that you can go with any restoration company of your liking, nor do you have the ability to go ahead with the repairs within policy rules. With this amount of control, it is suggested that water damage restoration will work with your best interest in mind.

Contact us or call (423) 926-9251 for more restoration secrets. We will act on water restoration and carpet cleaning ethically.