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As we begin to enjoy the new season, we want to keep everyone comfortable and in good health. We want to minimize anything that may get in the way of that. One way to do so is by reducing spring allergens in your home! Here’s how.

Happiness and Allergens

Spring is a special time of year for everyone. For many, it is a most joyous season as it brings new life, longer days, and warmer weather. Spring also is the beginning of allergy season for thousands of children and adults. The National Library of Medicine states,

“Carpeting is one of the most common and perhaps important reservoir of aeroallergens and other components of dust found in residential or commercial settings.”

It makes sense for homeowners to plan ahead and think about how they can reduce spring allergens in their homes.


Carpet and rugs make our homes look attractive and feel comfortable. They also act as a sort of air filter. When they are spotlessly clean, any allergens, like dust and mold, are vacuumed away. High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuum cleaners used every day are the best way to get ideal results. Ordinary vacuums used frequently will also have a significant impact on removing unwanted allergens.

Old and dirty carpets tend to collect dirt and grime, especially from the outdoors. When this happens, the carpet fibers tend to hold onto the dirt and grime while allergens escape into the air. Once in the air, they are breathed in and can trigger allergic reactions.

Allergen build-up in carpets can also result from liquids getting spilled on the floor and never completely dry. Moisture seeps into the carpet padding and encourages mold and mildew to grow. Mold spores multiply and are released into the room.

Allergic reactions are caused when VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are emitted by chemical products, heavy plastics, building materials, paints, and other everyday items we live with. Some cleaning materials also release VOCs as well.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

A professional deep cleaning by experts is the ideal solution. Most families do not own HEPA filter vacuum cleaners. In addition, many do not deep clean their carpets and rugs every day to limit the amount of allergen in the home. The net result is that the carpets and rugs are less clean and more allergy-friendly than we either want or realize. It makes sense to call in a professional in this case. They will have the proper equipment that won’t leave behind VOCs.

To learn more on reducing spring allergens in your home, contact Spotless Carpet Cleaners! At Spotless, we have the experience and tools necessary to deep clean your carpets and help keep you happy and healthy this spring.