In Flooding

A residential flood can be an emotional event that leaves any family traumatized, but the quicker you respond, the fewer long-term problems—and headaches—you’ll have from the water damage.

Find the problem

A residential flood can be caused by a number of things. Finding the source of the floodwaters and fixing the problem as soon as possible will limit not only the damage caused by the current flood, but also prevent future floods from happening. It’s possible a short-term fix is necessary to stave off the flooding before a long-term solution can be considered, but stopping the flooding first is most important.

Remove standing water

Flood waters can be full of bacteria and pathogens, and if they’re not, they soon will be. Standing water is one way that dangerous and unhealthy bacteria breed. Living in a wet home sets you up for very serious health issues that can be exacerbated the longer wet conditions continue.

Related to that is the growth of mold, which not only permanently damages the walls and frame of your house, but also can cause dangerous health issues. Finding a reputable company to remove standing water quickly will save you thousands of dollars in restoration costs later, not to mention protect your health and keep you from needing a doctor.

Dry carpet, walls, and more

Water seeps into everything during a flood, including places you wouldn’t expect. Carpets (including padding) need to be dried out, drywall needs to be wiped down and proper venting is necessary to reduce the number of stains and odors that are likely to occur in these wet materials. It may be necessary to incorporate high-speed fans to circulate fresh air into the house as well as use dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the room or rooms. Again, finding a reputable company to help you do this time-sensitive work is a must.

Contact your insurance

All insurance policies are different. The sooner you know where you stand with your insurance company, the sooner you can make plans to account for cleanup and restoration of flooded areas inside your home. Understanding what your policy covers before such a residential flood occurs is important, but contacting your company soon after a flood event could be the difference in getting the protection and assistance you need. Meanwhile, documenting the steps you’ve taken to restore your home—as well as the expenses you’ve already covered—should also help.

If you’re dealing with a residential flood, contact the professionals at Spotless Carpet Cleaners for assistance. We offer 24/7 emergency services to residential and commercial clients in the areas of Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport.