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Oriental rug cleaning is a complicated task. At Spotless Carpet Cleaners, we go through several steps to complete the full process. Our goal is to do thorough work to satisfy every customer. You do not have to worry about working hard on cleaning the debris out of your rug; we have you covered! Here are the details on how we clean your Oriental Rugs!

Remove Loose Dirt

Before cleaning your rug, any visible dirt particles from the floor or home need to be removed. We vacuum the rug with the handheld suction, so the fringes do not get caught. The underside of the rug and floor are also vacuumed to get out all the surrounding dirt.


To dust the rug, a large broom is used to scrub difficult areas of dust. This is for deep removal, which reaches into the fibers of the rug. We ensure to clear away any stubborn dirt that will stick to the woven material.


After dusting off the rug, the Oriental Rug gets soaked with a hose and rubbed with a push broom. The water will then be evenly spread across and into the rug. Liquid detergent is used to make the rug spotless. We use a soft bristle brush to work in the suds as well. Then we handwash continuously to reach all areas of the rug, including the fringe. A few hard passes make this portion of the process complete.

Rinse and Dry

To rinse the rug, we eliminate any detergent that is still on the rug. We then wash the soap off both sides with a water hose. The brush is worked toward the direction of the pile. We never use the back and forth movement because it damages rug fibers. To dry, we squeeze out excess water before lightly walking on a towel to absorb the moisture. Afterward, the rug will hang dry, or a fan will be used to accelerate the drying process.

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