In Carpet Cleaning

Coffee stains in the break room or wine spills in your home are simply a part of life. Getting stains out of your carpet can be time-consuming, depending on the type of spot. Regular vacuuming may keep your carpet from dirt, but spots and stains are something that even the best vacuum cannot handle. For instance, beverages with dark dyes can be difficult to remove. Even if the spot is no longer visible, it can reappear. That is why we recommend professional carpet spotting which is a primary janitorial activity that involves locating any spots on carpets that appear at any given time.

Spotless Carpet Cleaners For Professional Carpet Spotting

Carpet spots and stains can be very costly to repair. However, ensuring that your carpet is well cared for is essential. One of the most effective ways to ensure this is to commercially contract Spotless Carpet Cleaners to do a thorough carpet spotting for you. Thankfully, our products and techniques can properly remove carpet stains and spots. Our cleaning procedures depend on the type of carpet, and the damage acquired. Before deciding on cleaning your carpet, we consider the cleaning product or dilution rate your carpet needs and the fabric type, i.e., nylon, wool, fur, or olefin. This will reveal the compatible chemical product and how to care for your carpet properly without damaging it.

How We Do Carpet Spotting

Carpet spotting is part of our routine carpet cleaning that will extend the life of your carpet and reduce the frequency of deep cleaning. We use the technique to ensure that we do not spread the spot into a larger carpet area. When carpet spotting, we first vacuum and blot the spot with plain water.
We use hydrogen peroxide-based products simply because they are versatile and ideal for multiple spots that result from tannins. Our enzyme-based cleaners are also the best when removing food spills, blood, or urine spots. Our red dye removal cleaners can handle spots that result from juice or red wine spots.

That said, if the spots are left untreated, it may create a negative impression of your office or home. Nevertheless, you can contact us for more information on carpet cleaning and call our professionals to handle these mishaps for you.