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Time to get the carpets cleaned and you’re wondering if you should hire someone or do it yourself? Here are six reasons why you should hire a professional carpet cleaning company.

  1. Your Health – Cleaning your carpet costs a lot of manual labor and poses many opportunities for injury. Furniture must be moved. There is the unloading and loading the vacuum from your car. The ordeal of doing the vacuuming itself gets tiresome. But setting all that aside… are there health advantages to having it professionally done? Did you know you can get ill from cleaning your carpet? Many of the chemical solutions used with Do-It-Yourself carpet cleaning rental can actually make you sickSpotless Restoration utilizes the Hot Water Extraction Method.  This method has not only been recommended by the major carpet cleaning companies as being most effective in maintaining the life of the carpet, it is also the most Eco-Friendly. Therefore, it makes it the safest alternative for you, your family, and pets.
  2. That Fresh Clean Smell – Whether you have pets, kids, or you lead a single lifestyle. Everyone’s home has a certain “smell” associated with it. Research has proven smell to be the sense most associated with triggering memories. Keeping a clean carpet helps ensure the olfactory memory registered with your home is a pleasant one.
  3. Make Your Carpets Last Longer – As mentioned previously, carpet companies recommend ways to clean their products, a fact little known and rarely expressed to the consumer. Especially when buying used carpets or when moving into a place where carpets are already installed, the information on how to properly care for your carpets is never a topic of discussion. Professional carpet cleaners have that knowledge base and can assess the best way to care for your carpet without harm. Most companies recommend professional cleaning every 18-24 months. Little things such as placing furniture on wet carpet, over saturation, or chemicals can stain and actually degrade the integrity of the carpet fibers so it’s important to have a professional, with the proper tools, take charge.
  4. Increase The Value of Your Home – Dirty or worn carpet will make your home appear like it needs work even if you have freshly painted walls and upgrades in other areas of the home. Maintenance of the carpet you have is much cheaper than newly installed carpets or refurbishing flooring.
  5. Make Your Home More Comfortable For Guests and Family – Ever not wanted to visit a family member or friend’s home due to allergies or asthma? We all know it happens. Cleaning your carpet makes your home a safer and more pleasant place to be for family and friends.
  6. Take the Hassle Out of Doing it Yourself – You have other things to do. Mention cleaning carpets in a crowd and you’re bound to get a few groans. There are horror stories and hilarious stories, in abundance. However, even the stories told with a humorous twist equal frustration. Let’s face it, it’s just easier to hire a professional carpet cleaning company.

Are you considering hiring a professional carpet cleaning company? Look no further than Spotless Cleaners & Restoration! Contact us today for details.