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Here’s a question for you. Which is more likely to happen in your house while you are away? A burglary? A fire? Or water damage? If you guessed water damage, you would be right. About seven times more likely than a fire, and six times more likely than a burglary, a flood or significant water leak can happen while you are gone on holiday vacation. In fact, between 2004 – 2008 water damage was the second-most frequently filed homeowner’s insurance claim. A water damage claim can run anywhere from $2700 to $7500, and that’s not counting the inconvenience and the other items damaged. Is there anything you can do to protect your home while you are off visiting this holiday? Tri-Cities water restoration company, Spotless Carpet Cleaners, is here to give you some advice to prevent water damage to your Kingsport, Johnson City, or Bristol home during your holiday travels!

The Main Water Valve

First, we recommend that you shut off the main water valve to your home—even if you are going to be away just overnight. This valve is normally located outside near the front of the house. It is hard to have a flood with no water, right? There are two types of main shutoff valves—the gate valve and the ball valve. The ball valve is the most common one, and it can be turned 90 degrees. When the water is off, it will be parallel to the pipes (when it is on, the valve will be perpendicular to the pipes). The gate valve is either fully open or fully closed. Make sure the valve is not partially open, as this can damage the valve. If your home has a well, cut off the electricity switch to the well (not to the whole house).

Check hoses to appliances before you leave town

Appliances like your washing machine, dishwater and refrigerator need to be given the once-over for cracks or water leaks before you leave town. We at Spotless Carpet Cleaners recommend that such an inspection be performed once a year on all appliance hoses. We also suggest that all hoses be replaced every 5-7 years.

These include hoses for:

  • Dishwashers
  • Ice makers
  • Water heaters
  • Washing machines

You might want to just cut off the appliances while you are away.  Remember how our grandparents used to make sure the television was unplugged every time they left the house? Better to be safe than sorry.  Showers, tubs, and toilets need to be caulked securely—no cracks or weak places. Re-caulk if necessary.

Sump Pumps

If you have a sump pump, test it before you leave town. Take a bucket and pour some water into the pump and make sure the pump comes on. Make sure the hose to the sump pump goes outside and is not leaky or frayed.

An additional option is to consider purchasing a water flow monitoring system. The system is attached to your water main, and it monitors the normal water flow in your home. If it detects a sudden rise in water flow or a continuous one, it automatically stops the flow of water at your house.

If you need emergency water restoration services in Kingsport, Johnson City, or Bristol, please contact Spotless Carpet Cleaners by calling (423) 926-9251. We know that accidents and damage happen, and when it does, we want your flood!

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