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Americans love pets. They may be your best friends but not your carpeting. Pet accident damage has been a challenge since people embraced keeping pets in their homes. Ignored stains from pet accident damages can result in unpleasant odor  and permanent damage to carpets. The primary factor in handling pet accident damage is removing them as soon as they happen. If you quickly remove the stains, little or no damage will occur to your carpet. Here is what you should do for various damages:


If pet accident damage occurs due to urine, you may not find the spills until after a few days when the urine dries up. The strong ammonia smell from the urine will spread through the house when the area is rewetted or under significant humidity. You will identify the area with urine by the different colors. Treat the affected area and blot them with white paper or a thin cloth. Avoid scrubbing as the urine may spread over other areas making it more difficult to clean. Apply a solution of ¼ spoons of non bleach and lanolin and lukewarm water solution and blot the spot. Avoid dishwashing or laundry detergents as they might have a bleaching effect. Rinse the  area until the stain goes away. Finally, dry the area by blotting with plain white paper and placing a firm object for several minutes.


Pet feces are easier to deal with than urine. You can easily collect the deposits with a plastic bag. Remove any particles left on the carpet by vacuum cleaning the area. If there are no stains left, use a standard disinfectant recommended by a veterinarian and blot dry. For fresh faces, follow the procedure of cleaning the urine and then disinfecting the affected areas.

Consult spotless carpet cleaners for stubborn pet accident damage stains

If you are still struggling with pet accident damage, spotless carpet cleaners will do the job for you. We shall clean the carpet for you leaving it as clean as new. Visit our website or contact us today for satisfying services.