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An oriental rug is aesthetically pleasing and can bring a room together, enhancing the ambiance and comfort of the room. Oriental rugs are authentic and hand-woven. Due to the nature of their creation, they require a lot of care; therefore, oriental rug cleaning is necessary.

No one wants a grubby rug full of dirt and grime, and oriental rug cleaning will give you value for your investment. Besides having a clean carpet, oriental rug cleaning will save you money on medication, since cleansed rugs are free of bacteria that cause infections.

All you need to know about Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs are regal, and with their intricate and delicate patterns, cleaning can be such a task. You may want to step up your cleaning game. There are various self-cleaning methods, but ultimately, a professional cleaning will benefit you in the long run. But first things first; many often ask:

How often should I clean my Oriental Rug?

It requires a delicate balance. If you clean it less often, there will be an accumulation of dirt, but too much cleaning will also wear your rug’s fibers out. However, other factors determine the frequency of your oriental rug cleaning:

  • The type of rug- hand-knotted rugs- tends to collect a lot of dirt and grime, requiring frequent cleaning.
  • A typical oriental rug will require little maintenance every two weeks; vacuuming if it’s in a dark room with less traffic.
  • If you have an entire household with kids and pets, you will need to clean it frequently.

To be clear, the factors above apply if you want to carry out self-cleaning of your rugs. To properly maintain your oriental rug, you need to examine it by a professional cleaner. You may think that cleaning your rug will be the most daunting task, but that’s why we’re here.

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