In Mold

A moldy carpet is not only unsightly, but it could also make you and your family sick. Thus, it is vital to know the signs of mold so that you can keep your room clean and safe for your family. If you have mold on your carpet, take care of the problem quickly, or else it will spread and make things much worse.

The signs of a Moldy Carpet

Mold may not always be visible on your carpet. Therefore, you need to watch out for other signs that may indicate that your carpet is moldy. Here are four signs of a moldy carpet:.

1. A musty smell

If you notice a distinct, musky odor in the air could be an indicator of possible mold growth on your carpet. Although mold may not be visible yet, a bad smell from your carpet may be a sign it’s mold

2. Damp carpet

Moisture trapped under your carpet can cause mold to build upon your carpet. Leaking pipes are a major cause of mold on carpets.

3. Discolored patches

Patches that are discolored irregularly and appear brighter than other areas on the same carpet could also indicate mold under the surface.

4. Mildew in carpet fibers

When you see mildew in your carpet, it’s a sure way to know that your carpet will get moldy in no time. Mildew is white, while mold is green, black, blue, or red.

Inspect Your Carpet Regularly for Mold Signs

It’s essential to inspect your carpet regularly for signs of mold. If you do notice mold, take action immediately to have it cleaned. Otherwise, the mold problem will only get worse and could pose a serious health risk to your family members.

Hire Professionals To Clean Your Moldy Carpet

Since mold can be difficult to remove, it’s always best to hire the services of professional carpet cleaners. Expert cleaners will use the right tools and chemicals to get rid of all traces of mold on your carpet.

At Spotless Carpet Cleaners, we have the best equipment, chemicals, and expertise to clean your moldy carpet. Contact us today.