In Mold

Mold and mildew are both caused by fungi, and grow in moist, warm areas. Both can cause health problems; however, mold is definitely the most serious between the two. Mold also requires different removal methods, so it is important to know the difference. Not sure what the problem may be? Here is some information that can help you decide.

Characteristics of Mold

Mold is normally much darker than mildew, and typically appears dark green or black. It is also much thicker, and may even be slimy or fuzzy. You’ll likely find mold growing underneath wet surfaces rather than on top. If you notice a strong musty smell coming from a moist area such as a basement, it is probably due to mold.

Characteristics of Mildew

Mildew tends to take on a white or grayish appearance. Its texture is light and powdery, and it usually appears on the surface of objects. It also produces a musty odor that is not quite as pungent as that produced by mold.

Getting Rid of Mold and Mildew

It’s often possible to eliminate moderate cases of mildew yourself. Use warm water and a powerful disinfectant along with a stiff scrub brush. After cleaning, dry the area thoroughly and then monitor the moisture levels in your room so that it does not return.

Getting rid of mold on the other hand is far more difficult. Mold can easily penetrate into surfaces such as carpeting, requiring professional cleaning in order to remove. Likewise, mildew that has gotten onto rugs or carpeting could also require our services.

If you are dealing with mold or mildew, please contact us. We know how to eliminate these problems so your floors look and smell fresh again. Allow our technicians to handle your problem so that you don’t have to.