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Water damage can cause misery for home and office owners if not well managed. Fortunately, water damage restoration contractors, nowadays, use modern drying equipment such as heat pumps and many more for outstanding results. In the past, equipment for drying had reduced capacity and was less efficient and effective.

Rebuilding your residence is usually the next course of action after the water has receded and substantial clean-up has been done. By then, your wooden items, walls, and wall coverings will likely have absorbed a lot of water, complicating the rebuilding process. Also, rebuilding your home immediately may cause mold growth and insect infestation. Ample time should be given to facilitate complete drying.

Utilizing modern technology has simplified the restoration process for both contractors and building owners. Here, we will explore the different modern drying technologies for residential and commercial settings.

Modern Drying Equipment and Technologies for Commercial and Residential Settings

1.    LGR Dehumidifiers

LGRs use modern technology to decrease relative humidity to below 10%. They can also suck over 15 gallons of water in humid atmospheres in a single operation. Older LGRs decrease relative humidity to only 40% and pull roughly five water gallons from the atmosphere. This technology improved the drying time by reducing it from over 4 days to 48 hours.

2.    Desiccants

Desiccants use silica gels to absorb humidity in the air. The dehumidifier emits hot and dry air, ensuring thorough drying. The technology is ideal for very cold, frozen, and below-frozen environments.

3.    Intra-Wall Drying

This is where the restoration contractor dries the inside part of your wall without having to take down the dry sections of your wall. Holes are drilled through the wall after removal of baseboards, then dry air is pumped inside the wall cavity. The technology reduces the drying time to half of what the other technologies take.

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