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A dirty floor can make customers, guests, and employees feel grimy; hence, proper floor cleaning and maintenance is crucial for any local floor cleaning service.

Irrespective of your business or how large your facility is, you need a local floor cleaning service that will offer you top-of-the-line cleaning and maintenance services. Remember, commercial buildings, office buildings, and even restaurants see a lot of traffic. The floors continuously accumulate dirt, chemicals, and shoe scuffs that only a local floor cleaning service can clean.

What you should expect from a Local Floor Cleaning Service

Your floors are the first thing anyone will notice when they get into your building. For a professional and clean-looking floor, a professional cleaning company should:

  • Use the most effective cleaning agents that will restore your floor’s appearance.
  • Be able to clean hard surfaces like tiles and laminates.
  • Seal the floor’s surface after cleaning to protect it against damage from sharp objects/scuffs.

Spotless Carpet Cleaners will offer you the best local floor cleaning services. We use quality and non-toxic cleaning agents that will maintain the state of your floors after a clean. Our floor maintenance services include:

  • After a floor cleans, we seal it with wax, based on the type of floor and the volume of traffic it receives.
  • For tile flooring or vinyl sheets, we slightly buff then mop using a water and wax mixture. It will leave your floors sparkling in no time.
  • We will re-wax it for a fresh look if your floor has been scratched or discolored due to overuse and lost luster.

Tile and grout stains can be a headache to deal with, but no job is too tough for our professional floor cleaners. They will:

  • Hand-scrub with a specialized brush that will loosen the dirt that has settled into the grout.
  • For dirt that has settled deeply into the grout, we will use a specialized machine to scrub the tile surface and loosen the soil. Afterward, we will vacuum to clean up any leftover dirt/grime.

Regardless of the state of your floors, our professional team will clean and maintain your floors. Our services will leave your building looking neat and inviting. Feel free to contact us here.