In Mold

Got allergy issues and not certain where it stems from? Kids got a constant case of the sniffles? Has your fur baby gone nuts scratching? Did you have a roof leak? Toilet overflow? Maybe, you’re selling your home. For whatever reason, you need to know if you are living with carpet mold. There are things you can look for before the pungent odor develops that will help you discover the source and resolve the issue!

Look for these signs:

  • Look For Stains – Typically, mold stains will be circular in pattern. They will be black, brown, or green in color and seem to seep up from underneath the carpet. This stain will be kind that reappears after surface cleaning. You can actually make a bigger mess by trying topical cleaning methods on your own.
  • Feel For Moisture – Where there is moisture, there is mold. If the carpet feels wet and there isn’t adequate drying of the carpet and the pad underneath, odds are there will be mold.
  • Rusted Carpet Tack Strip – Take a screwdriver and wedge it under the edge of the carpet at a door facing or where edges meet. If you note that the metal strip that holds the carpet down is rusted, there is mold present.

What is the next step?

Once you have discovered the mold, take a sample of the mold on a strip of tape by placing the sticky side against the underside of the carpet. This sample may be needed for health reasons as well as differentiating if a contaminant has been completely removed.

If you think you may be living with carpet mold it is imperative you contact a professional to have your carpet cleaned. Taking matters into your own hands can spread the mold through inadequate cleaning or over wetting carpet during the cleaning process. Mold reproduces through spores. You can spread them if you do not know the protocol or have the right equipment and cleaning solutions for proper removal.

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