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During this pandemic, we must stick to cleanliness in all aspects of our lives. By request from The CDC, we have been advised to self-quarantine to limit the spread of the virus. So naturally, we will be spending a lot of time in our own homes. With that being said, it is essential to keep our homes clean. One area that can secretly track dirt, allergens, and potential viruses is the carpet. Here are a few ways to keep your carpet clean during COVID-19.

Remove Shoes

A straightforward way to keep your carpet clean is by removing your shoes before you walk on it. If you made any necessary runs like the grocery store, you don’t know what you might be carrying in with you. COVID-19 can stick to surfaces for up to several hours, even days. So even though you went to the store yesterday doesn’t mean it’s not living on objects in your home. Make sure to leave your shoes in the garage or wipe them down before you come inside.


The CDC recommends you clean the surfaces throughout your home to ensure the virus is not lying around. Certain surfaces, like countertops, are easy to spray down with disinfectant. So how are you supposed to clean textured surfaces like rugs or carpet? The CDC continues to say that you can wash textured surfaces with soap and water. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, bring it to us at Spotless Carpet Cleaners. We are still here to help keep your carpets and rugs clean!

Air Filters

Another way to keep your carpet, and other surfaces clean, is to change your air filters regularly. After a while, air filters begin to trap dust, allergens, and viruses that can spread around your home. It is recommended to change your air filter every 90 days and if you have pets every 60 days. This was you know the air you are breathing in is clean. If you want to go a step further, Spotless Carpet Cleaners has several Hydroxyl units available as well.

If you are worried about COVID-19 being trapped on your rugs or carpet, we can help! We are practicing social distancing at our office, but we will have staff available at our office to assist you. We are offering pickup and delivery if you have any items you want to be cleaned. For your safety and ours, we ask that you call for pickup or drop off arrangements. We are also available for emergencies, should your home or office be affected by water damage. You can call us at 423-926-9251 or online here. We have a TEAM standing by ready to assist you 24/7!