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Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport TN

Football season is in full swing, and with college games on Saturdays and NFL games on Sundays, there are plenty of opportunities to combine family, friends, food, and the big game for a fun-filled get-together. If you are hosting one of these events and you have made the investment in a high-quality carpet, Spotless Carpet Cleaners wanted to provide these tips to keep your carpets clean all the way through Super Bowl Sunday.

Shoes off, please!

Your shoes accumulate so much dirt and debris as you go through your normal routine. Encourage your guests to remove their shoes at the door when they come into your home; we recommend leaving a sign by the front door, along with an obvious area to place shoes. For people who insist on keeping on their shoes or might need to leave them on for health reasons, place a mat at the door where they can wipe their shoes thoroughly before coming into your home.

Your vacuum is your friend

If you have not purchased a quality vacuum, invest in one, and use it frequently in between events—we recommend vacuuming at least twice a week if you are regularly hosting events. This extra maintenance will prevent the build-up of any dirt and grime on your carpet due to the increased foot traffic.

Act quickly after spills

If someone drops some food or spills a drink, letting it dry can leave an unsightly stain on your carpet. Blot the spot with a damp, clean towel or place a soaking wet towel on the spill and return to it. Go back and dab a spot remover onto the area of the spill with a neutral color towel. Make sure not to rub the spill, as this only will make it spread.

Call the pros for professional cleaning and spot removal

Accidents happen and, whether or not it’s during a get-together for the big game, your carpet will have something spilled onto it at some point. When that happens, call the experts at Spotless Carpet Cleaners to do the job for you! Our Kingsport professional carpet cleaners have sophisticated equipment and cleaners that are not available to normal consumers, and the members of our staff are well-trained and have experience dealing with all kinds of carpets and stains. Each of our technicians has their Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). We can have your carpet looking great by kickoff, each and every week of the season.

Professional Carpet Cleaners in Kingsport

We also offer carpet cleaning services—and it is recommended your carpet should be cleaned at least once per year, or more often if you have a significant amount of foot traffic. Spotless Carpet Cleaners employs hot water extraction techniques that are wielded by IIRC-certified experts to produce consistent results, beautifully clean carpets, and satisfied customers. To learn more about our services, give us a call at (423) 926-9251, and one of our IIRC-certified carpet technicians in Johnson City will come to see you.

Spotless Carpet Cleaners has been proud to serve the cleaning and water restoration needs of residential and commercial customers in the areas of Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol, Tennessee since 1975.