In Water Damage

When your home has water damage, you are naturally going to be concerned about the cost of cleaning up. Whether it’s from a burst pipe, overflowing washing machine or flood waters from a storm, you know that getting the water out and making the necessary repairs is likely to be expensive.  Here are three ways to keep down the cost of returning your home to a safe and comfortable condition.

Act fast

The longer the water sits, the harder it is to deal with and the more likely there will be lasting damage. Removing any standing water as quickly as possible is the first priority. Next, all areas that had contact with the water need to be dried. Lingering moisture in floors, walls, and furnishings can lead to mold, a health hazard according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Removing mold later will be much more expensive than dehumidifying right after the water is pumped out. Moisture in flooring or drywall can also cause structural damage over time. The sooner it can be removed, the fewer repairs you will need to make.

Call the pros

You may be tempted to try dealing with the water damage yourself, especially if you’re generally handy with home repairs. When it comes to water damage, trying DIY solutions may be penny-wise and pound foolish. A professional water restoration company with commercial equipment  can get the job done right. Spotless Restoration offers 24 hour service by certified technicians. Our commercial pumps remove standing water and our industrial strength fans and dehumidifiers make sure all areas of your home are dry. Most importantly, we have the expertise to assess the situation. Our Master Water Restorers can determine the source of the water, how clean it is, what contaminants might be present, and what the extent of the damage is.

Check your insurance

It’s important to know what your insurance does and does not cover.

It’s a good idea to be aware of your coverage before you have a problem, but it’s critical after you have a flood or leak to deal with. Coverage of the cleanup will depend on the cause of the problem. Your insurance company may have water restoration companies they prefer to work with. The consumer always has the choice of which company to contract with to do the work. Contact us when you need fast, efficient water restoration professionals, we can help you keep the cost down.