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Your home or business has suffered a leak or a flood. You need to deal with it quickly and effectively. Here are some questions that are aimed at benefiting you and you alone about your insurance’s preferred vendor.

1. What Do You Do First?

Most people make the fairly obvious decision to call their insurance provider. They will know what to do and what to advise. They will also have a contractor available to get to you as soon as possible. You want the water removed, the walls and floors dried out, and a minimum amount of damage.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies have a primary goal – to keep their costs down. Keep their costs down. Keeping their costs down may not tie in with protecting your property as completely as needed. It makes sense, therefore, that the first thing you do is to put yourself and your property front and center.

2. What Is Wrong With Calling the Insurance Provider First?

Perhaps nothing, but many insurance companies will tell you to use their “preferred vendor.” Preferred vendors have an agreement with your insurer to charge them discounted rates and to work to the maximum amount of time. Think about that; the insurer knows they will get a lower bill from their vendor, the vendor must maximize their revenue, and they both have agreed to the maximum time for the job – without actually seeing the job you called about.

3. What If Your Damage Will Take Longer Than Their Limit?

That is the problem. You need a restoration company that works to your need, not to the insurance provider’s pre-agreement and time limit. You need a restoration company that will work to industry standards, keep you front and center, and will minimize all further problems such as left-over damp leading to mold, etc.

4. What Are The Standards?

Good questions! All insurance property restoration is governed by an industry standard. That standard is set by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. IICRC is a global, non-profit organization which sets standards the industry follows, and which you can find on this link. IICRC also ensures the same fees are charged for the same services. This ensures that you, or your insurance provider, are never over-charged for doing a complete job.

5. So, Who Should You Call?

Our advice is to call a small specialist carpet cleaning and restoration company. Choose a company that puts you – and keeps you – front and center. It is your home or business building, your water damage, and your problem. We will work to industry standards and solve your problem. We will also liaise directly with your insurance provider (with your permission, and we will help you navigate the insurance claim process so you get the results you want and need.)

If you would like to learn more so you will be fully prepared should you ever suffer water damage, please just click here to contact us, ask us your questions, and know you are getting the right answers!