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Carpet cleaning is not as easy as people may think. Different carpets require different forms and steps when it comes to cleaning. Oriental rugs are one of the most popular types of rugs and often cost a pretty penny. In order to enjoy the longevity of your oriental rug, you should have professionals clean it regularly. This is how Spotless Carpet cares for oriental rugs.

Oriental Rugs

We clean every oriental rug in our facility rather than our client’s homes. We do this because we want to ensure your rug receives the best cleaning treatment possible. Our trained staff has access to excellent supplies at our facility, therefore resulting in truly cleaned rugs.  Cleaning these types of rugs is not as simple as vacuuming and then moving on. There are different steps during the oriental rug cleaning process that must be followed carefully.


When your rug first arrives at our facility, our staff will inspect it. The purpose behind this is to see if there are any tears, holes, or damage done that should be repaired. Detailed notes will be taken on the state of your rug at its arrival.

Dry Removal

The rug will move into a different room where staff will begin dry removal. Dry removal entails dry vacuuming both sides of the rug, then badgering it. Badgering entails using another machine that beats the back of the rug. This knocks the rest of the particles out that a regular vacuum cannot remove. This process is repeated several times to ensure all loose particles have been removed.


Before your rug is submerged into anything, various color PH balance tests will be done. This is to figure out how intense the treatment can be for your rug. We don’t want to use too intense treatments on rugs that cannot handle them. After the tests are done and the extra particles are out, the rug goes into the submerge pit.

Submerge Pit

Once the PH balance test is done, the decided chemical will be sprayed on the rug. Then a large brush machine will scrub over the entire rug a few times. This works the fibers extremely well, then the rug is submerged. Once submerged, the rug will be scrubbed again with a machine front and back. The wand used feeds clean water into the rush, flushing out anything left over. It is rinsed until no more dirt is seen leaving the rug.


The rug is then removed, and the extraction process begins. The tools used is decided based on the material of the rug. The professionals at Spotless are familiar with all sorts of fibers and rug materials.


Once the extraction is complete, the rug is hung or set out to dry. It typically takes overnight to dry the rug entirely.

When these steps are complete, your rug is ready for pickup! To learn more about oriental rugs and how Spotless Carpet cleans, find us online here! To visit us or see what our other services entail, visit us online or call us at (423) 926-9251 today!