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While spotting water damage may seem as easy as looking for actual moisture, it’s not always that easy. Sometimes, water leaks occur so slowly that you may not actually see any water. Instead, the area may present other signs that water damage is occurring. Your water restoration experts in Kingsport at Spotless Carpet Cleaners want to share with you tips on how to spot water damage in your home, and what to do if you find any.


Water leaks can occur anywhere you have pipes. If you have an upstairs level to your home, your kitchen cabinets could be the victim of a water leak. Look for these signs in your cabinets such as warping, signs of rot, the bubbling of the finish, or delamination.


Upstairs plumbing under floors or between walls can develop leaks at any time. To determine if a leak has occurred upstairs in your home, look for signs that your ceiling has discoloration such as brown or wet-looking spots, sagging, peeling paint or bubbling. The area that you notice these signs may be an indicator of where the leak is occurring.


If you notice any areas of your flooring that present signs of discolored grout, warped, soft or spongy tiles, or any stains or watermarks, you could have a leak under your flooring. Hardwood or laminate flooring may present signs of cupping, splitting, or discoloration. Being raised at the center of each plank is also a sign that water damage has occurred under wood flooring. Carpet, on the other hand, may simply become discolored or be moist to the touch.


A mildew smell is prevalent in areas where stagnant water accumulates and does not dry out well. If you smell mildew anywhere in your home, you could have a leak. Do not ignore it as mildew can cause health conditions such as asthma, allergies, and other lung diseases to worsen, or lead to certain types of cancer.

While spotting water damage can be difficult, it is important not to waste time if you do discover any. Contact a water restoration company in the Tri-Cities to come out and evaluate the area as soon as possible. Putting it off may only result in more extensive repairs, and damage to your home. The most common causes of a water leak are old, leaky pipes under the sink or on toilets, shower or tub leaks, as well as old or malfunctioning appliances.

If you believe that you have a water leak in your home, our expert water restoration specialists can inspect the area, and use technology to confirm whether or not a leak is present since leaks are not always able to be seen by the eye.

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We hope that you never have to encounter the stress of recovering from water damage, but if this happens to you, the professionals at Spotless Carpet Cleaners are standing by, ready to help. We offer 24-hour emergency service to treat and restore damage from water, as well as smoke and fire. Call us at (423) 926-9251 with any questions, or to schedule a consultation to see how you can protect your home against potential water damage.

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