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Water damage can be detrimental to your home and property if spotted too late. Here’s how to spot water damage early and what to do about it!


If you notice a musty odor, there may be water damage in your home. The odor that sitting water creates is a very strong one, so you should be able to locate the spot right away. Damp and humid environments are essential for mold growth. Once mold and bacteria begin to grow, an odor will follow. Unfortunately, some older homes acquire a musty smell over the years, without mold being present. For example, there could have been water damage in the past, and even though it was cleaned, a smell remains. If that is the case with your home, be sure to check the area every so often to ensure nothing is going on. In addition, any changes in smells that become stronger or different altogether could mean there is an issue. You’ll want to check those spots immediately to avoid any future damage.


The odor is a strong indicator of water damage, but there are other ways to tell if something is off. Once mold and bacteria begin forming, it won’t be long before you visually see it. Oftentimes paint will chip, stains will appear, and the ceiling will flake or bubble. In addition, mold can also discolor whatever surface it resides on. For example, your carpet could turn a darker brown, green, and even black. If any part of your home looks or feels damp, it’s possible water is the culprit. Make sure to look around your home for water, especially in spots where it’s common. The more common areas of your home that experience water damage are basements, laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. The presence of water in those areas is higher than the rest of the home.

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