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The holidays bring fun and excitement from guests, food, to presents, pictures with Santa, and holiday parties and more. While you may be ramping up and preparing your home for those holiday gatherings, your carpets may be dreading all the extra attention from all of the guests. More people entering your home than usual means more dirt and foot traffic on your carpets. Your carpet cleaning company in Kingsport, Spotless Carpet Cleaners, wants you to know how to protect your carpet this Christmas.

Leave shoes at the door

Many households prefer that shoes be left at the door for varies reasons. For one, it seems like the most sanitary option as our shoes tend to pick up germs from everywhere we walk. However, kicking off those shoes at the door means the dirt stays at the door, instead of getting ground into your carpet fibers. 

Provide a basket or designed area for your guests to leave their shoes upon entering your home. You could even add a doormat or sign that appropriately reminds guests to remove their shoes upon entering your home.Take it up a notch and provide cozy slippers or warm socks for your guests to wear while in your home.

Add rugs

Area rugs protect your carpet and are especially handy for those high traffic areas such as entryways, hallways, or other areas that receive the most foot traffic. Plus, area rugs are much easier to clean since they can be sent off to be professionally cleaned or easily replaced if you decide to change up your style or color scheme around the house.

Keep it vacuumed

Frequent vacuuming keeps dirt from building up in your carpet, and therefore helps keep your carpet cleaner, and lasts longer. When your carpet welcomes more guests than usual, be sure to vacuum more often.

Designate eating areas

It takes only one person to have an accidental spill on your carpet. From holiday treats, chocolate, sauce, to wines and brightly colored punch, many foods and beverages consumed at holiday gatherings could stain the carpet. It’s best to keep all food and drinks in the kitchen or other designated area of the house that is safe for such activities. If you’re really worried about it, try to avoid serving anything that would cause a stain.

What to do if you get a stain

If a guest accidentally spills something on your carpet or area rug, immediately blot the area with a light cloth, avoid scrubbing. Absorb as much of the liquid as you can, and then apply a stain remover and blot again, but using a clean cloth. For heavy amounts of liquid, fold up several cloths or paper towels and apply pressure to the area to ensure all liquid has been removed.

In the event that your guests leave more than holiday cheer behind in your home, call the professional carpet cleaners in Kingsport at Spotless Carpet Cleaners. We can have your carpets restored to new condition in no time! Call us at (423) 926-9251 for a free quote.

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